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                Adobe Spark Review Featured Image

                Adobe Spark: Free One-Page Website Building Tool. Too Good to Be True? We Investigate

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                When Adobe comes to mind you might think of the expensive video and photo editing software. Yet Adobe has also gotten into the website building game, and what they have to offer looks great.

                Its called the Adobe Spark Page, and although it lacks e-commerce and multi-page functionality, Spark delivers stunning, scrollable single-page websites — for free.

                What is Adobe Spark Page?

                Adobe Spark Page is for a tool for making professional websites without any coding experience. Since just about every website builder says that were curious to understand exactly what makes Adobe Spark stand out.

                Visit Spark.Adobe.com Now To Start Creating Awesome Web Content in Minutes

                To start, the name Adobe Spark encompasses 3 easy-to-use tools that generate compelling visuals:

                • Adobe Spark Page: the site builder we’re reviewing here
                • Adobe Spark Post: a tool for creating social media graphics
                • Adobe Spark Video: a tool for adding graphics, animations, and soundtracks to your videos

                Adobe Spark Page is a free tool. You dont have to pay for the tool and it’s so easy to use you could launch your site today. Spark is not your traditional website platform. Its designed for constructing smaller websites that only require one page.

                adobe spark website review
                Adobe Spark Allows You to Create Web Pages for Free

                Uses of Adobe Spark

                For example, you might need a website for your portfolio, blog, or photo gallery. It excels at creating online magazine-style “stories” that you scroll through.

                Whats makes Adobe Spark so intriguing is that many business websites are now one page, so this isn’t as limiting as it might have been in the past.

                Therefore, you could potentially make a modern, powerful site without having to pay anything for it.

                In addition, Adobe hosts all of the websites built through Spark. This means you dont have to go out to find your own host and install something like WordPress onto it.

                How to Use Adobe Spark

                Here are some simple steps to get you started with Adobe Spark:

                1. Sign up for a new account
                2. Pick a theme for your website
                3. Add text content
                4. Add buttons, images.etc
                5. Share it with the world
                Adobe Spark Includes an Onboarding Process to Help Get You Started
                Adobe Spark Includes an Onboarding Process to Help Get You Started

                Upon signing up for Spark, it asks you to create an account for launching the site and getting synced between different devices. Spark has an app for contributing to your website, so you constantly have the right information in front of you, regardless of what device you are on.

                After that, you can pick a gorgeous theme for your project. The themes are plentiful with several designs made for certain industries and niches. For example, some of them are made only for building portfolios, while others are ideal for putting together a blog.

                Adobe Spark Page has a photo-centric feel since it supports whatever images you upload and you have access to a large library of royalty-free images.

                Whats more is that it lets you link up to things like Lightbox and Dropbox to quickly gain access to your photo collections. We feel that this setup is perfect for photographers or other freelancers or bloggers who work with photos on a regular basis.

                Items like text, buttons, and images are added through the visual Spark builder. Its not what we would call a drag-and-drop builder, but you dont need any coding or development skills to launch your website.

                The final part of Adobe Spark Page involves sharing your site with other people. Its ready to be shared on social networks and through email with a unique link from Adobe.

                Overall, Adobe Spark Page offers a modern single-page page design interface, so you shouldnt expect to create dozens of pages for a large website.

                Spark has beautiful themes and you dont have to pay for anything, which provides a valuable opportunity for freelancers, small businesses, and creative people looking to get their work online.

                Adobe Spark Page Main Features

                As talked about a little before, Adobe Spark Page is completely free. The Spark logo will appear at the bottom of your page. As of September 2017, you can purchase an Adobe Spark plan — or the Creative Cloud plan — to get the option to remove the logo or replace it with your own.

                Adobe Spark Comes With a Range of Themes and Designs to Improve Your Website
                Adobe Spark Comes With a Range of Themes and Designs to Improve Your Website

                Even the themes and mobile apps that complement the Adobe Spark platform are delivered to you at no cost.

                Some of the example websites look no different than the nice one page WordPress themes you would pay for. In addition, you receive hosting for free so the entire process of setting up a website is taken care of for you.

                As for the features, Adobe Spark Page has a limited number of options. However, theyre powerful, easy to manage, and pretty much exactly what you need if you’re constructing a simple site for your small business.

                For example, youll get everything below when you sign up for Adobe Spark Page for free:

                • A front-end visual builder for adjusting everything from text to images.
                • Beautiful typography to display your text in a way that best represents your brand.
                • Stunning imagery that either comes from your own personal collection or the royalty-free library through Adobe.
                • You can connect to platforms like Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Lightroom, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
                • A decent collection of website themes made for a wide variety of niches.
                • Included hosting so that you dont have to worry about setting this up and so that your site is consistently fast, secure, and ready to go.
                • Support for custom domains.
                • Quick buttons for adding design elements like images, fonts, and other layouts.
                • Powerful iOS apps for Adobe Spark, Adobe Post, and Adobe Video.
                • Integrations with Adobe Spark Post, Page, and Video.

                Overall, Adobe Spark Page packs some punch when it comes to completing simple, yet modern, one-page websites. Its hard not to recommend Adobe Spark unless youre trying to build something like an e-commerce store or a large business website.

                Upsells & Other Features from Adobe Spark Page

                You wont see any upsells for the Adobe Spark website builder. That said, Adobe is a large business with many software products. When you sign up for an Adobe account youll start getting various emails talking about other products.

                For example, they might try to sell you on video or photo editing tools like Photoshop.

                Regardless, you dont have to sign up for any of these tools or services if you dont want to. The website builder and the apps that come with it are free and the themes dont cost a dime either.

                However, we mentioned that Adobe Spark is more than just the website builder. You gain access to other tools like Adobe Spark Post and Spark Video. Lets explore whats included with each of these.

                The Adobe Spark Family

                Under the Adobe Spark brand, there are a number of tools each with their individual purpose. Below, we will look at each of these tools individually. They are:

                1. Adobe Spark Post
                2. Adobe Spark Page
                3. Adobe Spark Video
                The Main Adobe Spark Design Page Has Many Tools For Use
                The Main Adobe Spark Design Page Has Many Tools For Use

                Adobe Spark Post

                The Spark Post integration delivers tools for making stunning social graphics within a matter of minutes. You already have access to the royalty-free photos in the website builder, so all you have to do is drop in a photo and adjust the typography if need.

                Its similar to the Canva graphic designer where all of the templates are there for the taking, and the results look like a professional designer did the work.

                Adobe Spark Page

                Adobe Spark Page is the single-page site builder often used for magazine-style storytelling.

                Adobe Spark Video

                With rich visual themes, elegant typography, sharing tools and support for mobile devices, the Spark Video feature is an essential tool for businesses and individuals that want to make quick videos.

                Drop in one of your videos and include overlaying text and other designs. The point of the Spark Video builder is to generate promotional and social videos without the need for complicated video editing software.

                Adobe Spark Video Features

                Adobe Spark video has a number of features which will make it useful for producing online content. These include the following:

                • Produce web videos, visual stories, and other visual content
                • Add sound to web videos and visual content
                • Use professional themes, layouts, and fonts
                • Autosync on mobile and web platforms
                • Share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
                • Adobe Spark Video Mobile App

                Social Media Integration

                Adobe Spark Video, Post and Page include a number of features which allow integration with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

                For instance, you can shareable videos and graphics using Spark Video and Spark Post respectively. Meanwhile, web pages created using Adobe Spark Page may also be shared using these platforms.

                What Makes Adobe Spark Page Different?

                The main reason you cant beat Adobe Spark Page is that:

                • It enables you to create a visually stunning page/site in minutes
                • You get the social media and video tools
                • It’s all free
                Adobe Spark Can Manage a Number Of Different Projects
                Adobe Spark Can Manage a Number Of Different Projects

                Sure, the websites are only one page, but the single-page scrollable site is a popular and compelling way to present single product launches or to tell compelling stories.

                It’s amazing how many WordPress themes only have one or two pages. The only difference between that and Adobe Spark is that youre not required to pay anything for Spark.

                Another benefit of Spark includes mobile apps and other tools like Spark Post and Page. Working through the apps is nice if you’re on the go, and the Spark Post, Page, and Video integrations ensure that you dont run out of features for things like blogging, making videos, and sharing with friends.

                Adobe Spark Page vs WordPress

                Earlier in this review, we mentioned the fact that Adobe Spark Page can be used to design one-page websites much like the websites that can be designed using WordPress themes. Below we will take a look at the differences and similarities between Adobe Spark Page and WordPress.

                Adobe Spark PageWordPress.org
                PricingFree (Basic)Free
                Themes‘A Wide Variety’‘Limitless
                HostingIncludedPurchased Separately

                Adobe Spark Site Builder Customer Support

                Adobe Spark customer support is offered through ZenDesk. Therefore, it has a wonderful knowledge base to search for topics. In addition, you can submit a request and get a response from one of the Adobe support reps.

                Adobe Spark Includes a Useful Help Section
                Adobe Spark Includes a Useful Help Section

                Furthermore, Adobe products are covered quite a bit all over the internet. So youll find several blogs to help you out.

                Check out Adobe Spark site builder?

                Premium Features

                For users who wish to gain access to additional features, Adobe Spark also offers a range of premium features.

                Adobe Spark Pricing Page Screenshot
                Adobe Spark Users May Access Additional Premium Features For a Fee

                Here is a list of some of the premium features offered by Adobe Spark:

                • Add your logo to all productions
                • Add your brand colours
                • Choose from personalized templates
                • Add personalized themes
                • Manage all branded content in one place

                These features can be accessed in either of the following ways:

                • Spark’s premium features are included with all Creative Cloud paid plans.
                • Purchase Adobe Spark with Premium Features on?spark.adobe.com

                Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

                Is Adobe Spark Free with the Adobe Creative Cloud Package?

                Adobe Spark is available free of charge from here. Users who wish to use the Adobe Spark premium features may do so through the same link. Additionally, if you have already purchased the Creative Cloud package then Adobe Spark is included free-of-charge.

                What is The Difference Between Adobe Spark Page and WordPress.org?

                While they can both be used to build websites, WordPress is an open source CMS with many plugins and external themes while Adobe Spark is closed source and includes a limited number of themes. The other thing to keep in mind is that there is a learning curve with WordPress while Adobe Spark is more beginner-friendly.

                How long can an Adobe Spark video be?

                Visual video content such as web videos or visual stories created using Adobe Spark can vary in length.?Spark Slides with video or audio can be up to?30 seconds long. Meanwhile, other slides can be up to?10 seconds?long.

                Should You Consider Adobe Spark Site Builder?

                If youre still having trouble making a decision, heres how we break it down.

                Adobe Spark Allows You To Add Custom Branding
                Adobe Spark Allows You To Add Custom Branding

                Consider Adobe Spark Site Builder If:

                • Youre in need of a free website builder.
                • You dont want a separate host.
                • Youre looking for beautiful templates.
                • Youre making a one-page site, like a portfolio or photo gallery.

                Skip Adobe Spark Site Builder If:

                • Youre more into the self-hosting game.
                • You need to build an e-commerce store.
                • Youd prefer a website with more pages.

                adobe spark

                Visit Spark.Adobe.com Now To Start Creating Awesome Web Content in Minutes

                Adobe Spark Site Builder is an all-around decent choice. It wont serve every demographic, but its free option is well worth considering.

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